(3-day) Deep Dive: Monitoring Microservices with Prometheus

Microservice-based systems are on the rise in an attempt to improve scalability and reliability. But replacing monoliths with microservices means translating complicated software into complex systems. The complexity in the service-level domain means that traditional monitoring systems are no longer capable of ensuring reliable operation.

Prometheus is a simple, but effective solution to that problem. At its heart, it is a time-series database. But the key feature lies in the fact that it uses a pull model. It scrapes and pulls metrics from services. This alone makes it robust, simple and scalable which fits perfectly with a Microservices architecture.

In this training we will take a deep dive into Prometheus, exploring it’s architecture and investigating its capabilities. You will learn to use prometheus in a production-ready environment. You will write your own applications that are visible in Prometheus. We will look at how Prometheus integrates well with Kubernetes and discuss how to implement a production-ready system. Of course, we’ll also talk about the theory of monitoring, a little bit of Data Science and some Site Reliability Engineering.

This training is tailored towards Engineers and Technical Leads who want to understand the fundamentals of Monitoring and gain practical experience with Prometheus.


Attendees must have the following:


Knowledge Expectations

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Training outline


Approximately 2-3 days. Usually combined with a two day hackathon.