Data Science Project Checklist

This checklist can be used to help you define your Data Science project. The aim of this form is to help people understand what you need to know in order to build a real project, product or service.

Note that this is a Google Form. You can access the original form here. If you submit this form it will only be visible to Winder Research and will not be shared publically.

You will receive a copy of your answers.

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Anonymous Product Manager 18/10/17
Phil was energetic and knowledgeable. He managed to keep my attention during the day and we covered a lot of [data science] material.

Anonymous Team Manager 18/10/17
Very interesting and mind exercising class!

Engineer from Energy Systems 14/11/17
Phil is a pleasant, positive and forthcoming teacher.

Engineer from BCT NL 14/11/17
Very interesting and challenging! In spite of the steep learning curve I found the course very helpful for pursuing my career in this area.

Engineer from FD Mediagroep, NL 15/11/17
Awesome course, thank you!

Anonymous Senior Developer 15/11/17
Great with Jupyter notebooks on Phil's environment!!

Anonymous Software Developer 04/10/17
A very good workshop!

Anonymous Solution Architect 05/10/17
Now I [have] an idea how to start! [I] liked the training material that I can go over again.


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