Cloud-Native Data Science Training

Empower your employees with cutting-edge cloud-native data science training. Data science improves both bottom-line profit, by optimising current processes, and top-line revenue, by developing new products from resources you already own. We run data science training courses in London, the UK and across the rest Europe.

Upcoming Training Events


(1-day) Business Analytics and Data Science

Beginners-level course for business-oriented roles introducing Data Science and Analytics. Focused towards business objectives, this course will enable you to develop, evaluated and manage Data oriented products.


(2-day) Data Science for Developers

Beginner-level course for developers introducing Data Science, Analytics and Machine Learning. Learn how to extract value from your data, both theoretically and in practice, using a range of tools and techniques.

(3-day) Data Science and Analytics for Developers

An intensive beginner-to-advanced-level training course for developers encompassing all aspects of data science. This comprehensive program provides you with practical experience in a wide range of data science, analytics and machine learning topics.

(5-day) Data Science and Analytics for Developers

In addition to the standard 3-day training, this course also allows for dedicated time to customise the program to your specific context. The instructors will provide extra examples from your domain and also provide time to discuss and develop solutions for your problems.

Data Science

Data Science (ML/AI/Analytics/etc.) for Production Engineers (Intermediate)

Brand new intermediate level course created especially for Engineers. Production-level best practices and in-depth analysis of the most important parts of Data Science.

Data Science (ML/AI/Analytics/etc.) for Production Engineers (Advanced)

Brand new intermediate level course created especially for Engineers. Solving production pain-points and discovering cutting edge Data Science.


(1-day) Distributed Version Control with Git

Engineers of all disciplines use version control to manage the development of their products. This hands-on course provides all you need to know.

(3-day) Deep Dive: Monitoring Microservices with Prometheus

All applications require monitoring to ensure that they achieve expected levels of service. Learn how to monitor in a Microservices architecture with this deep-dive training course into Prometheus.

(1-day) Data Cleaning and Preprocessing

Intermediate-level course for those interested in data cleaning and preprocessing. Learn why projects fail due to bad data and how to prevent it.

(1/2-day) What You Need to Know About Data Science

Beginner level course providing a high-level overview of the state of Data Science. An investigation of case studies, tools and technologies and key tasks in a Data Science project.

(1/2-day) Developing a Data Science Project

Beginner level course that delves into the common tools, technologies and techniques surrounding Data Science. Learn about the main catagories of algorithms and the three key phases of Data Science development.


Anonymous Product Manager 18/10/17
Phil was energetic and knowledgeable. He managed to keep my attention during the day and we covered a lot of [data science] material.

Anonymous Team Manager 18/10/17
Very interesting and mind exercising class!

Engineer from Energy Systems 14/11/17
Phil is a pleasant, positive and forthcoming teacher.

Engineer from BCT NL 14/11/17
Very interesting and challenging! In spite of the steep learning curve I found the course very helpful for pursuing my career in this area.

Engineer from FD Mediagroep, NL 15/11/17
Awesome course, thank you!

Anonymous Senior Developer 15/11/17
Great with Jupyter notebooks on Phil's environment!!

Anonymous Software Developer 04/10/17
A very good workshop!

Anonymous Solution Architect 05/10/17
Now I [have] an idea how to start! [I] liked the training material that I can go over again.

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