Reinforcement Learning

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Reinforcement Learning Book

Reinforcement learning (RL) is a new-ish paradigm for using machines to solve problems that involve sequential decisions. This makes RL particularly exciting in long-sighted applications of artificial intelligence (AI), where the one-shot decisions of machine learning (ML) quickly become stale and are unscalable.

Winder Research provides reinforcement learning development and consultancy services to business customers. For those wanting to learn more about reinforcement learning, you should check out our new book.

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Reinforcement Learning Use Cases

We’re currently building our RL portfolio by helping companies like Nestle to optimise their strategic operations. In the meantime, here are a selection of use cases that we are developing.

Is the future going to look like Tron? - Walt Disney Company
An investigation of how reinforcement learning is impacting cyber-security and how businesses can proactively test for security with automated agents.
Ginneta G40 racing cars, built in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK
An investigation in to the proven uses of reinforcement learning for transportation and associated infrastructure.