One of the primary needs of a successful business is the ability to scale. To scale, a business must replicate its products and processes so that more users can consume the result. Otherwise businesses will stall because they are unable to meet demand.

By utilising software and services that are able to run on a global scale we can accept new customers and clients at a flick of a switch.

Furthermore, cloud based systems and processes are more resilient to failure because of the latent redundancy at our disposal.


Sometimes businesses have problems relating to performance. This could be due to volumes of data or traffic. There are also technical limitations like latency or utilisation.

Cloud native solutions are inherently faster because we can scale solutions horizontally and optimise the utility of software.

In other words, the cloud provides us with the scalability and flexibility that would be prohibitively expensive to provide by ourselves.

Save Costs

Finally, the most obvious benefit is that of cost. It has been proven that it is cheaper to pay for services rather than buy and operate your own, until you reach an enterprise size.

But this is overrated. The real benefit is the avoidance of capital expenditure, switching instead to operational expenditure. This lowers the barriers of entry to new industries and markets. Put simply, you only pay for what your customers use. Your cash-flow will benefit by avoiding upfront costs.

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