MLOps, Reinforcement Learning, Data Science, Cloud-Native: Production-Grade AI Platforms and Applications

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From startups to the world’s largest enterprises, companies trust Winder Research.

Professional Services

Winder Research helps companies build product-quality AI products and platforms.

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning (RL) is a new machine learning technique that helps businesses optimise processes involving sequential decisions. Classic examples include optimal bidding, improved recommendations, and complex robotic control.

We wrote the book on the subject, published by O’Reilly. RL algorithms are designed to suit a particular application, so get in touch if you’d like to learn how we can leverage RL in your business.

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Machine learning operations (MLOps) is an emerging field that encompasses machine learning tooling, best practices, and processes.

We’ve helped some of the world’s largest businesses build and operate their artificial intelligence (AI) platforms that make MLOps a priority.

This public video from Microsoft demonstrates some of our work with Shell.

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AI Product Development

We know that building robust, intelligent products are hard. But we’ve successfully built AI products for cutting-edge technology companies like Grafana Labs, Modzy, Pachyderm, and Focus Sensors.

We can help you develop the AI features that you know you need. We have the production-grade experience that will result in reliable, robust products.

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Machine Learning

Our CEO, Dr. Phil Winder, first started Winder Research in 2013 after a decade of working for other companies developing sophisticated digital signal processing (DSP) solutions.

Over time this then developed into the field we now know as machine learning (ML) and after around five years of successful ML projects, we saw that there was a massive need for MLOps. Now we offer a full suite of MLOps consulting solutions.

We also expanded into reinforcement learning consulting in 2020.

But at our heart, we’re still data scientists and engineers trying to extract value from data. Even today we continue to help companies of all sizes, from conglomerates like Google, Microsoft and Shell, startups like Industrial Computing and Focus Sensors, and medium-sized organizations like Grafana. They all have a need and desire to automate decisions and expand their product offering.

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AI Governance and Consultancy

Building AI into your organization brings new challenges. We’ve helped businesses like Neste to implement robust AI governance, through a series of consultations to deliver valuable insights and processes.

We can help you develop your AI business and product strategy, leaning on our years of experience and deep network of associates.

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Selected Case Studies

Some of our most recent work. Find more in our portfolio.

How To Build a Robust ML Workflow With Pachyderm and Seldon

This article outlines the technical design behind the Pachyderm-Seldon Deploy integration available on GitHub and is intended to highlight the salient features of the demo. For an in depth overview watch the accompanying video on YouTube. Introduction Pachyderm and Seldon run on top of Kubernetes, a scalable orchestration system; here I explain their installation process, then I use an example use case to illustrate how to operate a release, rollback, fix, re-release cycle in a live ML deployment.

How We Built an MLOps Platform Into Grafana

Winder Research collaborated with Grafana Labs to help them build a Machine Learning (ML) capability into Grafana Cloud. A summary of this work includes: Product consultancy and positioning - delivering the best product and experience Design and architecture of MLOps backend - highly scalable - capable of running training jobs for thousands of customers Tight integration with Grafana - low integration costs - easy product enablement Grafana’s Need - Machine Learning Consultancy and Development Grafana Cloud is a successful cloud-native monitoring solution developed by Grafana Labs.

Improving Data Science Strategy at Neste

Winder Research helped Neste develop their data science strategy to nudge their data scientists to produce more secure, more robust, production ready products. The results of this work were: A unified company-wide data science strategy Simplified product development - “just follow the process” More robust, more secure products Decreased to-market time Our Client Neste is an energy company that focuses on renewables. The efficiency and optimization savings that machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science can provide play a key role in their strategy.