Free Data Science Maturity Assessment

Jun 2020

We’ve worked on Data Science projects all over the world; for enterprises, for startups, for technology companies, for industrial giants. This experience has allowed us to develop a framework that shows your company’s data science maturity level. We’ve decided to give this away to you for free. All we ask in return is a quick call to explain how it works and to offer advice on what your priorities should be.

Data Science Consultancy

Jan 0001

Automating Decisions All businesses have to make decisions. Businesses are in fact information machines. Those that can consume, understand and act upon the best information in an optimal way have an inherent advantage over their competitors. One of the simplest and most effective data science projects that businesses can undertake is to automate parts of the business that consume and act upon data. The benefit of this type of project is that we can improve the consistency and the accuracy of these decisions, whilst at the same time saving a considerable amount of time.

Cloud Native Consultancy

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Scalability One of the primary needs of a successful business is the ability to scale. To scale, a business must replicate its products and processes so that more users can consume the result. Otherwise businesses will stall because they are unable to meet demand. By utilising software and services that are able to run on a global scale we can accept new customers and clients at a flick of a switch.