Reinforcement Learning

A Comparison of Reinforcement Learning Frameworks: Dopamine, RLLib, Keras-RL, Coach, TRFL, Tensorforce, Coach and more

Reinforcement Learning (RL) frameworks help engineers by creating higher level abstractions of the core components of an RL algorithm. This makes code easier to develop, easier to read and improves efficiency.

But choosing a framework introduces some amount of lock in. An investment in learning and using a framework can make it hard to break away. This is just like when you decide which pub to visit. It’s very difficult not to buy a beer, no matter how bad the place is.

Announcement: New Reinforcement Learning Book with O'Reilly

I’m excited to announce that I have agreed with O’Reilly Media to write a new book on Reinforcement Learning. The contracts have just been signed and I’ve started the writing process. It is likely to take around a year to be released so I’m hoping that it will be ready around Summer 2020.

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