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Have you ever wondered what cloud-native actually is? Are you confused about how to use data science to improve your business? Check out these informative blogs to help you get started.

5 Productivity Tips for Data Scientists

Many articles talk about how professionals can make their workdays extra productive. However, for people like data scientists, whose jobs are extremely demanding, some tips are more valuable than others. For instance, it is important that you analyse how you spend your time. In the same breath, it would be in your best interest to organise your time into blocks, as these can help you focus on tasks – one at a time and without any interruption – and automate any process that you repeat.

Unit Testing Data: What is it and how do you do it?

Data Testing plays an indispensable role in data projects. When businesses fail to test their data, it becomes difficult to understand the error and where it occurred, which makes solving the problem even harder. If data testing is performed correctly, it will improve business decisions, minimize losses, and increase revenues. This article presents common questions about unit testing raw data. If your question isn’t listed, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.

Improving Data Science Strategy at Neste

Winder Research helped Neste develop their data science strategy to nudge their data scientists to produce more secure, more robust, production ready products. The results of this work were: A unified company-wide data science strategy Simplified product development - “just follow the process” More robust, more secure products Decreased to-market time Our Client Neste is an energy company that focuses on renewables. The efficiency and optimization savings that machine learning, artificial intelligent and data science can provide play a key role in their strategy.

Building an Enterprise NLP Platform

Winder Research has built a state of the art natural language processing (NLP) platform for a large oil and gas enterprise. This work leveraged a range of cloud-native technologies and sophisticated deep learning-based (DL) machine learning (ML) techniques to deliver a range of applications. Key successes are: New NLP workflows developed in hours, not weeks. Hugely scalable, from zero to minimise cost to tens of thousands of concurrent connections. Enforced corporate governance and unification, without burdening the developer.

Developing a Real-Life Project

I’m often asked questions in the vain of “how did you figure that out?". Other times, and I’m less of a fan of these, I get questions like “you estimated X, why did it take 2*X?", which I respond with a definition of the word estimate. Both of these types of questions are about the research and development process. Non-developers, and especially non-engineers, are often never exposed to the process of research and development.

A Simple Docker-Based Workflow for Deploying a Machine Learning Model

In software engineering, the famous quote by Phil Karlton, extended by Martin Fowler goes something like: “There are two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.” In data science, there’s one hard thing that towers over all other hard things: deployment.

COVID-19 Hierarchical Bayesian Logistic Model with pymc3

I have two outstanding tasks from the previous notebooks. The first is that I haven’t iterated over all countries.

COVID-19 Logistic Bayesian Model

This post builds upon the exponential model created in a previous post. The main issue was that there an exponential model does not include a limit. A logistic model introduces this limit. I also perform some very basic backtesting and future prediction.

COVID-19 Exponential Bayesian Model Backtesting

This notebook builds upon the exponential bayesian model to implement simple backtesting. The idea here is to hold out data, train a model, and see how well the model is able to predict those results.

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