About Us

Historical and background information about Winder Research

We work on the premise that data can drive a business. But having the data is one thing, turning it into a useable product is much harder. We leverage Cloud Native technologies to power our Data Science solutions and focus on three key business drivers:

  • automation,
  • enabling competitive differentiators, and
  • process optimisations.

Why You Should Choose Us

We love working products. Our ethos is to ensure that we produce value with every iteration. We utilise the latest Data Science techniques and Cloud-Native tools to build intelligent, resilient software.

But we think that everyone should benefit. We don’t want just the big names to participate in the AI revolution. We believe that all companies, large and small, should be able to benefit from using data to improve their products and services.

Key Business Areas

  • Ongoing Product Development
    • Focused towards the intersection of cloud native and data science
    • Startup and Enterprise clients
    • Both fully project managed and integrated into client teams
    • See our case studies
  • Data Science Training
    • Specially designed week-long training course catered towards Software Engineers
    • Public, private and joint venture training
  • Cloud and Data Science Consultancy
    • “Discovery” packages to quickly deliver value
    • Typically week-long workshops to evaluate, critique and recommend
    • Delivered in the form of a report

We Work With

We tend to choose technologies that best solve the problem. But in general we work with:

  • Cloud
    • Infrastructure as Code: Terraform, Cloudformation
    • Provider: AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Microservices
    • Kubernetes, Mesos, Swarm, Nomad
  • Serverless
    • AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, [OpenFaas, OpenWhisk - on Kubernetes]
  • Data Storage
    • AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, NFS, SMB.
    • AWS DynamoDB, RDS, Athena, Aurora, Elasticsearch, Google BigQuery, Neo4j
  • Data Analysis
    • Jupyter Notebooks in Python
  • Data Ingestion
    • Kafka, AWS Kinesis, Apache Flink
  • ETL
    • Serverless, Spark, tends to be bespoke to each job
  • Model implementation and Deployment
    • Serverless/Microservices, Spark, Kubeflow, Pachyderm, AWS Sagemaker, Google AutoML
    • SKLearn ecosystem (SciPy, NumPy, etc.),
    • Keras ecosystem (Tensorflow, MXNet)
  • Monitoring
    • Prometheus, Grafana

Who We Are

Winder Research is a Data Science consultancy based in the UK but distributed throughout Europe. Founded by Dr. Phil Winder, our aim is to provide flexible, scalable Data Science and Cloud Native services.

To remain scalable and flexible we operate using an Associate model. We leverage our extensive network to bring in the right talent at the right time. This benefits our clients by providing quality expertise whilst retaining the ability to scale up or down to meet demands. This also benefits our associates whom remain free to continue working according to their own schedule and career path.

If you would like to know more about our team, then please visit our team page.