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Winder Research is a Cloud-Native Data Science consultancy. Learn more about why we do what we do.

Enrico Rotundo

Jul 2021

Enrico is an exceptional young data scientist with 5 years of experience working on a variety of machine learning (ML) and machine learning operations (MLOps) projects. In his past, Enrico has lived and worked across Europe delivering machine learning projects in domains as diverse as IoT, B2B marketplaces, traffic optimization, vehicle infrastructure, and fleet management. More recently Enrico has been leveraging his ML expertise in a variety of MLOps and integrations projects.


Jan 2021

If you’d like to know more about what we do or how we do it, we’d love to talk. If you have a problem that you need help with please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can get in touch with us in a number of ways. Feel free use the form, email us or even schedule a meeting. Contact Information Schedule a Call Company Information Contact Information If you’d like to contact us via email, use the following email addresses below:

Janet Miller

Aug 2020

Janet Miller works as a client specialist for a digital marketing agency, and, like so many others, she found it hard to transition to remote work when the pandemic hit. It’s taken her a few months to finally find a routine that helps her stay productive, and now she spends her free time helping others do the same. When not working, she spends most of her time gardening and decorating her home office.

Jonathan Duncanson-Hunter

Mar 2020

Jonathan acts as a link between our clients and the team here at Winder Research. Having worked in Business Development and supported Start-Ups, SME’s up to Government Departments across the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Australia and Canada, Jonathan brings a wide understanding of helping Winder Research offer greater support to Data Science services.

Carlos Millán

Feb 2020

Carlos is a computer science engineer from the Technical University of Valencia, where he is currently pursuing an MsC in computer science. Having a particular interest in robotics and artificial intelligence, and being substantially self-taught, Carlos provides technical support for all ongoing projects.

Dr. Emilio Granell

Feb 2020

Emilio is an engineer in telecommunication systems, MsC in Artificial Intelligence, and holds a PhD in computer science from the Technical University of Valencia. His interest in technology has led him to visit different countries to collaborate and work both with universities and public research centers, as well as with private companies.

Hajar Khizou

Feb 2020

Hajar Khizou is a Data Science Consultant and AI content creator. A Data-driven person dedicated to helping businesses to derive key insights from their Data. A Science & Technology Volunteer for +3years! VP of IEEE Morocco Young Professionals. She can be found on LinkedIn.

Dr. Ihab Khoury

Feb 2020

Ihab was graduated from Bethlehem University on June 8, 2007, he and his team presented their undergraduate project in the Second Palestinian International Conference on Computer and Information Technology held in Hebron on the third of September, 2007 and they got the first prize. On September 10, 2007 Ihab has granted a scholarship to participate in a three-month research programming about registering of PET images at the Public University of Nevarre (Universidad Pública de Navarra) in Pamplona, Spain.

Dr. Germán Sanchis

Feb 2020

Germán is an expert in Data Science analysis and modelling and specialises in natural language processing (NLP) and machine translation. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Technical University of Valencia.

Dr. Vicent Alabau

Feb 2019

Vicent is a computer science engineer and holds a PhD in computer science from the Technical University of Valencia. His interests for business development led him to study in the Internet Startup Camp, but also has received extensive training in related topics such as SME business administration, emotional intelligence in leadership or gamification.

Dr. Phil Winder

Feb 2019

Dr. Phil Winder is a multidisciplinary software engineer and data scientist. As the CEO of Winder Research, a Cloud-Native data science consultancy, he helps startups and enterprises improve their data-based processes, platforms, and products. Phil specializes in implementing production-grade cloud-native machine learning and was an early champion of the MLOps movement. More recently, Phil has authored a book on Reinforcement Learning (RL) (https://rl-book.com) which provides an in-depth introduction of industrial RL to engineers.

About Us

Jan 0001

We work on the premise that data can drive a business. But having the data is one thing, turning it into a useable product is much harder. We leverage Cloud Native technologies to power our Data Science solutions and focus on three key business drivers: automation, enabling competitive differentiators, and process optimisations. Why You Should Choose Us We love working products. Our ethos is to ensure that we produce value with every iteration.