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Winder Research empowers businesses with Cloud-Native Data Science consulting, development and training.

Enterprises and SMEs throughout the world choose Winder Research.
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Building an Enterprise NLP Platform

Learn how Winder Research delivered an NLP platform to a large enterprise in the oil and gas industry.

Google Releases AI Platform with help from Winder Research

Google has announced a new range of AI products to help Engineers rapidly develop and deploy models. Winder Research helped develop content for the AI-Hub.

Using Data Science to block hackers

Winder Research developed novel attack detection algorithms for leading web application firewall company, Bitsensor. Using a combination of Data Science, Machine Learning and Cloud-Native technologies, we helped Bitsensor deliver the product their customers needed.

Bulding a Cloud-Native PaaS

Winder Research helped leading Cloud-Native company Weaveworks architect and develop core components of their PaaS. Find out how.

How Winder Research Made Enterprise Cloud Migration Possible

A very large enterprise in the oil and gas industry asked Winder Research to help them migrate mission critical workflows to the cloud and create competitive differentiators through the application of Data Science (a.k.a. Machine Learning, A.I.).

Start your Data Science project with us

As a Data Science consultancy, Winder Research offers concept-to-production implementations of Machine Learning, AI and Cloud-Native applications.

Our team is capable of delivering products or integrating with your team for optimal up-skilling.


Data Science

36% of companies are already using machine learning to improve their products (source). Data Science can improve all parts of a business.

Data Science is the combined act of engineering value from your data. Everything from strategic-level direction down to a complete product.



A collection of best practices, cloud-native software focuses on improving visibility, repeatability, resiliency and robustness.

How we run a Data Science project

We’ve developed a special process for developing Data Science projects. We call it the Minimum Viable Process.


Context Transfer

Business understanding and problem definition. Initial evaluation of major risks.

Data Analysis and Modelling

Understand the domain through detailed data analysis, preprocessing and modelling.


Cloud-Native, production ready implementations. Scalable and resiliant.

Evaluation & Iteration

Evaluate results. Quantify success. Repeat.


Need help with your Data Science project?

Schedule a 15 minute call to discuss your project. Find out how our Data Science consulting can help your business.

Allow us to provide a rough estimate of the time and budget required. You’ll also walk away with actionable recommendations.

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As a business, how should you embark on a data science project? Should you be using cloud-native technologies? In this interview, Phil Winder discusses how he operates with other businesses to build businesses of the future.

Building an Enterprise NLP Platform

Learn how Winder Research delivered an NLP platform to a large enterprise in the oil and gas industry.

Developing a Real-Life Project

A look at what software development looks like in real-life.
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