The Time to Automate is Now

Software automates processes. Data Science automates decisions.

We automate both.

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Innovation is the new currency

Traditional product development can no longer keep up with the pace of change. 77% of CEOs worry that innovation skills will impair growth*.

Progress is the Management of uncertainty

Winning products are not created by unicorns or visionaries. They are formulated to fulfill a proven need. Evidence of a need is produced from experimental data. So the main challenge is to reduce the cost of experimentation.

A data science visualisation showing several trees.

How should you build products?

This is how we build products. We believe you should do the same.

The following phases reduce uncertainty by preserving the option to pivot or persevere.

A head representing learning.


Innovate through learning.

Companies that are quickest to learn will innovate faster. Innovative companies will never stagnate and will prosper in the long-term.

Aim to transfer knowledge, not just deliverables.

A head representing learning.


Build products and processes to automate an isolated need.

Cloud-native, iterative software development automates the solution for that need.

Use data science to automate decisions.

Introduce extremely short feedback loops to allow rapid progress.

A head representing learning.


Every improvement will positively affect the baseline and strategic tests are automated.

Progress is continuous and monitored.

Decisions are based upon evidence, not vision.

Automate the testing of strategic goals.

Cloud-Native Data Science

Cloud-Native software is our bread, Data Science is our butter. These two technologies underly of all our work. But what are they?

Image representing cloud native consultancy

Cloud Native

A collection of best practices, cloud-native software focuses on improving visibility, repeatability, resiliency and robustness.

By granting the freedom of ownership to engineers, systems and products are better prepared for operational use.

One of the greatest advantages is that it empowers grassroots innovation.

What is Cloud-Native?
Image representing data science consultancy

Data Science

36% of companies are already using machine learning to improve their products*. Data science offers the opportunity to optimise every part of your business.

At its heart data science is the act of engineering value from data. This is often in the guise of a decision, but it may be more subtle.

For example, we use analytics to provide a strategic-level direction; i.e. build what people need, not what they want. But more often the results of data science become a product in their own right; e.g. recommendations.

What is Data Science?

We turn your data into a competitive advantage

Winder Research operates throughout the research and development lifecycle. We run projects for clients of all sizes that range from innovation, development and support.

A pipeline showing data science research, minimumum viable product development and scaling by cloud native technologies, wrapped by innovation and operational support.

Developing your idea through rapid iterations of lean Minimum Viable Products means we can validate your product assumptions quickly. To ensure long term viability we provide optimal technology choices that match your product strategy.

That’s What We Do

This is our philosophy. Now explore our solutions.



We're normal, reasonable people. We focus on developing satisfying long-term relationships, which means we work with the same people over many years. Some of our friends have provided these kind comments:

Line Christa Amanda Sorensen
COO, Trifork Group

I have enjoyed working with you on a large gaming client project (where you turned around a problematic implementation project to a successful one) and setting your significant mark on Trifork Leeds data analytics ambitions with your talks at GraphConnect, FinTech Dublin, and GOTO Copenhagen. I have always appreciated your positive mindset and collaboration combined with your excellent technical expertise. It is not a combination often seen.

Dr. Gregory Duckworth
Chief Scientist, Optasense

I have done a lot of work in my career, and worked with a lot of great people. You are among the tops in your ability to run reliable real-time operations, and understand the data and adapt rapidly on-site to ensure a successful trial. Through this all you showed great grace under pressure, and your physical insights and deep understanding of the technology and algorithms really contributed to our success—as well as your willingness to work long hours to fold this knowledge back in in real-time.

Tom Benedictus
CEO, Trifork Leeds

Thanks for the time you have worked here. It has been a pleasure and you have worked hard and inspired the team. It is also worth mentioning that you have been great in promoting our work with your very well received presentations around in Europe. We hope that we will be able to work together in the future on other projects.

Dr. Emery Ku
Research Engineer, Bose

You have tremendous creativity and passion for signal processing. Your ability to bring an algorithm through from concept through to real-time implementation was met with great respect at OptaSense. Beyond your technical skills, you have the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and directly. Working with you was a pleasure– both professionally and personally. I hope our paths cross again.