Winder Research Helps You Build Production-Grade AI Platforms and Applications

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What We Do

We help organisations implement their AI ambitions.

MLOps Consultancy

We've built operational data science platforms for some of the largest organisations, including Shell and Google. Leverage our expertise by allowing us to build yours.

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Reinforcement Learning Consultancy

We're experts in the new field of reinforcement learning. We wrote the book Reinforcement Learning: Industrial Applications of Intelligent Agents, published by O'Reilly. We can help you leverage RL to learn optimal strategies.

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AI Product Development

We know that building robust, intelligent products are hard. But we've successfully built AI products for people like Grafana Labs, Modzy, and Focus Sensors.

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Machine Learning Consulting

We started building production machine learning solutions ten years ago and we continue today. Leverage our vast experience with Winder Research's ML consulting, or allow us to develop your production ML application.

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AI Governance and Leadership

Building AI into your organization brings new challenges. We've helped businesses like Neste to implement robust AI governance at scale.

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Who We Are

We're a group of multi-disciplinary experts.

A talented team

Winder Research was founded by Dr. Phil Winder. For more than 8 years, Phil and his team have been delivering AI success. Learn more about us.

A diverse team

We work together with other industry experts to build teams that suit the job at hand. Take advantage of our experience and network to rapidly expand your team and capabilities.