Winder Research provides a range of services, centered around the following core competencies.

Machine Learning

Bridge the gap between software engineering and cutting edge Machine Learning.


Encapsulating services into containers delivers both reliability and scalability.


Web-scale systems require technologies such as Apache Mesos, Kubernetes and Swarm.


Focusing on the Software/IoT interface, Winder Research specializes in taking IoT ideas into user facing products.


Many applications still require low-level signal processing. Winder Research is able to deliver no-nonsense solutions to your specific domain requirements.


None of these technologies become valuable without Software Engineering. Winder Research creates and works with a range of technologies, every day.


Winder Research and Development is a company founded by Dr. Philip Winder. He has developed a reputation for achievement through hard work and experience.

Phil's background includes working in the Software, Defence and Electronics industries, but he currently focuses on the boundaries of Machine Learning and Microservice oriented Software Engineering.

Winder Research is a professional unit dedicated to providing services within our capabilities. We are able to provide services in a number of formats including short-term consulting or longer-term expertise. The company is based in North Yorkshire, UK.

Line Christa Amanda Sorensen

COO - Trifork Group

"I have enjoyed working with you on [a large gaming client project] (where you turned around a problematic implementation project to a successful one) and setting your significant mark on Trifork Leeds data analytics ambitions with your talks at GraphConnect, FinTech Dublin, and GOTO Copenhagen. I have always appreciated your positive mindset and collaboration combined with your excellent technical expertise. It is not a combination often seen."

Dr. Greg Duckworth

Chief Scientist - OptaSense

"I have done a lot of work in my career, and worked with a lot of great people. You are among the tops in your ability to run reliable real-time operations, and understand the data and adapt rapidly on-site to ensure a successful trial. Through this all you showed great grace under pressure, and your physical insights and deep understanding of the technology and algorithms really contributed to our success—as well as your willingness to work long hours to fold this knowledge back in in real-time."

Dr. Emery Ku

Research Engineer - Bose

"You have tremendous creativity and passion for signal processing. Your ability to bring an algorithm through from concept through to real-time implementation was met with great respect at OptaSense. Beyond your technical skills, you have the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and directly. Working with you was a pleasure-- both professionally and personally. I hope our paths cross again."

Tom Benedictus

CEO - Trifork Leeds

"Thanks for the time you have worked here. It has been a pleasure and you have worked hard and inspired the team. It is also worth mentioning that you have been great in promoting our work with your very well received presentations around in Europe. We hope that we will be able to work together in the future on other projects."